Arp 331 (NCG 379 thru 388)

  Meade 2045D, StarlightXpress MX716, 28 minutes, 32.4' x 24.2'

  Arp 331 is in the class Galaxy Chains.  The Atlas note says "symmetry around large central galaxy".  The large central galaxy is NGC 383 and the starlike object against the SW edge of the core is NGC 382.  The two galaxies to the N are NGC 380 and 379.  The four in a straight line to the S, the first two very starlike, are NGC 387, 386, 385, and 384.  Three more NGC galaxies are in the field, 373, 375, and 388, but they are not aligned with the chain.  The edge-on LSB galaxy about 5' WSW of NGC 383 is UGC 679 and the little sliver with the offset nucleus right at the bottom of the field is UGC 691.

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