arp 274 (ngc 5679 group)

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  arp 274 is the last member of the double galaxies with connecting arms class.  arp 274 is the last member of the double galaxies with connecting arms class.  the atlas note says "perturbation of arm by small galaxy to east".  the small galaxy referred to is mcg+1-37-36.  the e member of the larger pair is mcg+1-37-35 and the w member is -34. 

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to me, the most interesting galaxy in the field is the very large lsb galaxy near the s edge of the field, just e of center.  you hardly notice it unless you are looking for it.  it is ugc 9385.  ned lists it at 17.3 magnitude, which seems about right, and 0.37' x 0.51', which is far too small.  the 1973 poss survey listed it at 1.5' x 1.6', which is closer to correct but i estimate it at just under 3' in diameter.  this would be a nice target for a very long exposure with a large scope.

atlas image

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  10-inch newtonian, starlightxpress mx716, 33 minutes
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